Max SchmittMS

Hi, I'm Max!

I'm a software developer living in Berlin, working for Wunderflats, a platform for housing as a service.

Currently I'm focussing on UI development for Wunderflats' landlord dashboard – a set of tools for our landlords that help them manage their apartments and tenants.

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25th June 2020
Next.js: How to get and set cookies

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A private platform for employee-facing Node.js apps.

# Marketing ideas

- Write blogposts
- Make Youtube videos
- Start podcast
- Post on Twitter
- Post on Reddit


(version 2, 2017)

A collaborative, minimalistic, markdown-powered wiki for teams and creators.

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GrooveMaster Pro


An advanced metronome and rhythm trainer for ambitious musicians.



A puzzle game with simple mechanics that changes the way you think, in a minimalistic aesthetic.

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