Hey, my name is Max!
I'm a software developer in Berlin.

Current Work

Wunderflats (2015–Today)

I currently work at Wunderflats, an online marketplace for Housing as a Service. It’s my first full-time job after university and I’m having a great time there. At Wunderflats I focus primarily on frontend and backend development for our Node/MongoDB/React applications. The company and my co-workers are amazing. Check out our job openings, because we’re hiring a lot of people! :)

Personal Projects

What Else is Up?

Apart from my day job and working on side projects, I like to play guitar, go running and watch a good show or movie. I also occasionally create screencasts on YouTube and sometimes post a tweet on my Twitter account @Mackseraner.

I really like visual things and good design. Sometimes I try to draw, like these two guys, the potato men:

Get in Touch

I’m not currently looking for a job but I’m always open to get involved in an exciting, creative or lucrative project, just reach out via email if you want to work with me!